Another of Bhargab's sophisticated engineering achievements in the line of Hand Pumps, is a ultra-strong built. 'HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE ACTING FORCE PUMP' which also scores as an import substitution and helps to the self-sufficiency of INDIAN NAVY.
This pump has earned the approvals of the DIRECTORATE OF WARSHIP PROJECTS, MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, NEW DELHI. It is used in ships, in cases of acute emergency, to fight fire with its heavy jet water pressure. Although this basically is a hand operated pump, the statistics it offers by transforming manual energy into a life saving energy for a ship is amazing. 
It has a 25-.D' Suction lift- 75 1bs pressure. It is also capable of self priming from dry suction pipe.

Work Features :

Apart from its use in fighting fire in ships it is also suitable for use in pumping water (oils when specially fitted ) for tube-well sinking on ships etc. wherever a heavy duty pumps necessary.

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