Bhargab's another achievement is Helicopter Fuel System Hand Pump which also scores as an import substitution and helps the self-sufficiency of INDIAN NAVY. This is a self priming double acting positive displacement reciprocating hand pump. This pump has earned the approvals of the DIRECTORATE OF WARSHIP PROJECT, MINISTRY OF DEFENCE. It is used in ships carrying helicopters for fueling by hand. This pump is designed with the most enriched know-how, years of experience and the basic research.

The following specification can feature the best of the statistics of this pump.

Pressure 450 gallons/hr. (9700lbs/hr)

Capacity 60 lbs/sq. inch.

Suction lift 15 ft.

Work Features :

With certain limit of time, this pump is capable of priming from dry having 1 bore suction pipe 60 ft. long with a static lift of 6 ft. The output is 3700 lbs /hr. When operating against a total head of 35 ft. W. G. inclusive of a manometric suction lift of 20 ft. W.G. 

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