Tea is poured through TIPPING HOPPER and lifted by BELT CONVEYOR which takes through the Grid and Permanent Bar Magnets and also past through the drum magnet (optional) drops thereafter in a chute over VIBRATORY SHIFTER. In the shifter big/large particles like paper, rags, strings etc. will be sorted out and the clean tea will be stored in the storage hopper by the help of bucket elevator.









The blending drum is provided with auto centering facility. The empty drum will stop at the center with the drum door beneath the storage hopper outlet by pushing the auto center switch. Then by pressing another switch the sequential  operation of tea transfer from hopper to drum takes place. By pressing the Drum start button the drums starts rotating. Blending time is 20 rounds or 5 mins and the discharge time of tea from drum is 10 - 12 mins. While the tea is being blended at the same time another batch of tea is loaded to the storage hopper to carry out the next blend, this continuous process will enable to get three batches of blended tea in one hour, i.e. one blend cycle takes 20 mins.


Unique designs of the blades inside the drum and the discharge valves helps to take out Blended Tea from inside the drum while it is in rotation. After the tea is blended, this discharge valves on both sides of the drums will have to be opened for faster and easier discharge of tea till the last grain. The side elevators are provided to lift the blended tea for storage.

Blended tea is either collected in tea chests manually on chest filling vibrators or direct conveying systems are available as optional item as shown in Picture Gallery. BHARGAB OFFERS separate comprehensive plant package according to the customer's choice.

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