Gravity Roller Conveyor

Rollers are made of seamless tubes fitted with bearings at both ends. Rollers are fixed on angle irons. The complete frame is fixed on angle iron legs, to stand clear from ground for tea chests to be at a suitable height. This is placed before the Power Conveyor of 10ft. length which is available as optional to feed Tea Chests/Bags Tipper Pneumatic Type. Paper Sack slitting machine is available as optional.


Automatic Chest Tipper/ Paper sack Tilter Pneumatic Type

Tea chests/gunny bags are drawn from storage and brought near the blending drum. We provide GRAVITY ROLLER CONVEYOR placed at a height of 15 cm from floor. Chests/Paper sacs are arranged on the conveyor for checking and manually opening, then it is pushed to the feeding point of AUTOMATIC TIPPER which lifts the chest/paper sacs and pours tea into the tipping hopper of BELT CONVEYOR. Separate arrangement for paper sack lifting is also available along with Power Conveyor which is10feet in length with 4mm thick 16 inch width Nylon Braded Rubber Belting capable of carrying Gunny Bags/paper sacks to the tilter. Interlocking arrangement is provided between the power conveyor and the pneumatic tilter so that tilter receives one bag at a time.

Belt Conveyor with Tipping Hopper

Tea is poured in BELT CONVEYOR through TIPPING HOPPER and lifted by an inclined, canvas endless belt to VIBRATORY SHIFTER. The Belt is covered with acrylic sheet for easy opening for visual inspection of tea and to facilitate detection of damaged tea poured and retrieved if necessary. It is provided with very strong permanent bar magnet nearest to tea carpet on the belt to remove any ferrous material from tea. Motor with reduction gear box placed on floor, drives the belt on push up direction. All ball-bearings are of sealed type for protection from tea dust. PVC endless belt of food grade quality is used here.

Vibrator Shifter with Feed Chute

Tea lifted by BELT CONVEYOR drops in a chute over inclined vibratory shifter. The shifter is made of 2mm thick MS Sheet. The box is completely sealed to stop any tea dust leakage. Two Nos mesh of different size is fitted inside the box on which the tea pours and drops on BUCKET ELEVATOR placed at the outlet. The vibratory box is mounted on fibre leaf springs and vibrates reciprocally by eccentric drive shaft. Mesh can be interchanged and fitted by maintenance mechanic within hour. The mesh removes all extraneous non-magnetic material like wood chips papers rags etc. from tea and thus makes tea free of contamination.

Bucket Elevator

Tea discharged by VIBRATORY SHIFTER drops on BUCKET ELEVATOR placed under shifter directly. It is fabricated out angles , channels & sheet etc. in parts for easy transportation. A pair of chain aligned perfectly runs on guide, carries buckets to lift tea to STORAGE HOPPER on the top of blending drum. The movement of the chain is controlled by maintenance free bearing fitted idler sprockets.

Dust Extraction Arrangement

Fluff or Finer particles of tea dust gets air borne at the time of tea drop which floats on air causes air pollution problem., We had to provide dust extraction on all prints of dust generation and collect dust particles on porous paper filter tubes fitted on a box. Weekly cleaning of bags is necessary. Bags are supplied with the machine. Minimum horse power required in 10HP for the suction fan and 1 HP for the rotary air lock motor. Ducting layout has been designed, as per the requirement at different locations, which is confined to the machine itself.

Control Panel

The entire Blending System operation is controlled from one control panel provided by us. Interlocking system is provided so that sequence of operation is maintained and no mistake can take place. Electrical accessories are of reputed make. One operator Controls entire system except pneumatic tipper which is operated by foot valve and the empty bags /sacs to be removed manually.


Blending Drum with Storage Hopper

BUCKET ELEVATOR delivers tea to the storage hopper placed on the top of Blending Drum. Purpose of this hopper is to hold one complete mix and deliver to blend drum By this arrangement, cycle time of blending operation is reduced to half as subsequent operations of blending and others can run concurrently. Two equal operation periods run at the same time and we get blend in every 20 minutes. Hopper is made of SS sheet and fixed on channel frame properly tied by cross bracing. The hopper allows the tea to settle inside with clearance on the top for natural pyramid formed by all four internal corners which are gusseted for smooth flow of all types of tea. Opening and closing of Hopper Discharge Door is motorised. The BLENDING DRUM is made of 2mm Stainless Steel Sheet rigidly built, bolted structure with two Graded C.I. tyres, rotates horizontally on four free wheeled trunion assembly. Each wheel is provided with two nos. of heavy duty ball bearings. Drive is given by motor through heavy duty Reduction Gear Box. The unique design of Blending Drum with internal blades ensures fully homogenous tea blending and complete discharge of blended tea till the last grain from both ends of drum by opening Discharge Valves.



De-Stoner Plant

Tea is to be fed into air lift duct with uniform feed rate through a suitable band conveyor. Quantity and velocity of air along with available pressure at tea feeding point of lift duct would remain so adjusted and controlled that only lighter materials like tea would get lifted by air in the duct and comparatively heavier matters present in the stream of tea, like stones , iron particles and similar other materials would fall down at the bottom tray below lift duct.

Air stream with tea will then pass through cyclone for separation of desirable and usable tea from air. Most of further finer particles and other very fine and lighter particles like paper strips , wood shavings , human hair etc if present in tea would remain with air stream beyond cyclone. Air stream , therefore will go through a pulse jet bag filter before being let out in the atmosphere.

Bag filter , essentially has been proposed for air pollution control purpose. It has to be noted in this respect however that only portions of finer undesirable elements like paper strips , wood shavings , human hairs etc. remaining in free floating conditions in the air stream would get separated from tea and pass beyond cyclone. Such elements remaining in embedded condition with tea would come down with tea discharge in the cyclone.



On Line Weighing System

2 nos. or 4 nos. as required digital weighing scale can be provided underneath the blended tea collecting overhead storage hopper (2nos., 1000 Kg. capacity each) to enable to fill paper sacks manually.


Vibrator for Feeding Blended Tea

We assume blended tea will be collected on tea chests manually. We normally provide 2 nos. of reciprocating vibrating table driven by a motor. This arrangement reduces filling time by spreading the tea uniformly inside the chest. In case if you want to collect Blended Tea on mezzanine floor and store in Mobile Hopper to feed the packaging machines placed below the mezzanine floor, Bhargab offers special comprehensive package with two Side Elevators as shown in the picture and Mobile Hoppers (capacity 500kg.) as optional items.



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