Technical data

automatic chest tipper
Rate of lifting chest per minutes 3 Nos
Average net weight of tea per chest 40 Kg
Capacity per minute 120 Kg
Capacity per blend cycle 2.4 Tonnes
Capacity per hour 7.2 Tonnes
Pneumatic Cylinder Schrader Bellows

Bulk Density 2.5 gm per cc
Weight of cubic meter of tea 400 Kg
Capacity per minute 150 Kg
Capacity per blend cycle 3 Tonnes
Capacity per hour 9 Tonnes
Geared Motor 1 HP  3 PH

Screen Size 2.54M x 0.740 M
Mesh Size 6mm Dia, 16mm Dia
Capacity per minute 150 Kg
Capacity per blend cycle 3 Tonnes
Capacity per hour 9 Tonnes
Motor 3 HP  3 PH  960 RPM 

Number of buckets per minutes 120
Weight of tea carried per bucket 0.8 Kg
Capacity per minute 96 Kg
Capacity per blend cycle 1.9 Tonnes
Capacity per hour 5.76 Tonnes
Geared Motor 2 HP  3 PH

Air Quantity 4500 M3/HR
Fan Speed (approx) 2700 rpm
Power consumption at fan shaft at 20degree Celsius 7.7 HP
Recommended Motor 10 HP  3 PH  1440 RPM
Number of bags 6
Bag Size 130mm dia /2000mm long
Total filtering area 64

Storage Hopper Volume 6.5 Cubic Meter
Drum Volume 7.62 CM
Loading Of Tea Per Charge 38% - 40% MAX
Tea Of bulk density 2.5cc/gm 1200 KG Per Charge
Gear Box Ratio 40:1
Motor 5 HP  3 PH
Storage Hopper Door Motorised  5 HP
Storage Hopper Hood
(For Extracting Dust While Transferring Tea)
Motorised  5 HP
Discharge Value Manual/Motorised  5 HPx2
Drum Door Manual/Motorised  5 HP

Plant Capacity 4,500 Kgs/Hr of Tea (Tea Bulk Dusty Calculated On 2.5 cc/gm)
Air Quantity 8,600 Cumt/Hr
Fan Speed (Apprx.) 2,500 rpm
Motor Rating 25 HP/4 Pole
Type of Bag Pleated polyester , 325 mm dia x 500 mm long
Number of Bags 24/20
Total filtering area 112

Details List Of Motors Used In The Tea Blending System

Items Total Motor Power in H.P. Make Country
1no. Power Conveyer 1.5 Geared Motor Bonfiglioli Italy
3nos. Belt Conveyor 1H.P.x3 3 Geared Motor Bonfiglioli Italy
Vibratory Shifter 3 NEC India
3nos Bucket Elevators 2H.P.x3 6 Geared Motor Bonfiglioli Italy
Blending Drum 5 Radicon Gearbox NEC India
Drum Magnet 1 ABB/Crompton India
Dust Extractor 10 ABB/Crompton India
De-Stonner 25 ABB/Crompton India
3nos.Rotary air lock ( 0.5+0.5+1) H.P. 2 Geared Motor Bonfiglioli Italy
Drum Door 0.5 Geared Motor Bonfiglioli Italy
Hopper Door 0.5 Geared Motor Bonfiglioli Italy
Hopper Hood 0.5 Geared Motor Bonfiglioli Italy
2nos.Drum Discharge valve 1 Geared Motor Bonfiglioli Italy
NOTE: Total 20 motors required with total :59 H.P.

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